We are in love with all things yellow and have pulled together a few of our favourite interiors which use different tones of yellow , showing how versatile this colour can be.

The use of ochre yellow cushions alongside the gold picture frames and gold inner of the lampshades and accessories bring warmth and richness to this interior.

Why not brighten up your sofa with one of our cushions. Poplar Avenue Ochre or Retro Elm Sand Dune look amazing on a darker shade of sofa. Or give a little highlight to a room with our Owl Feathers lampshade.


If some of you are feeling brave enough to decorate a room in a darker shade – this gorgeous dark teal looks amazing and is brought alive with this clever use of bright yellow.

Add a little ray of sunshine to a darker wall with our Art Prints or our Deco Badger Sett in Gold cheers up any room!


We love this mono chrome interior, the use of bright yellow brings it alive and gives interesting detail to the room.

If you feel that your room is a little stark, why not add an accessory to your wall or sofa, adding a point of interest to any room.


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