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ABOUT “Story”

A smiley duo of designer printmakers based in Scotland.The pair make an interesting combination which is evident in their creations.  
Mrs Orwell and Mrs Goode met in 2008 when Mrs Orwell taught Mrs Goode how to silk screen print.  Mrs Goode had a blast and thought Mrs Orwell was such a brilliant teacher she returned twice more. They had lots of fun working together and giggled far too much!  Mrs Orwell and Mrs Goode were on holiday in Ireland together when they had the idea to design a collection together and so came about 'Orwell and Goode'.  Together along with their small and very talented team they design, hand print and stitch their many ideas into the most beautiful of creations for living, dining and giving.

Fun Facts about Mrs O & Mrs G!

Mrs Orwell lives among rolling hills of the Scottish Borders,
Mrs Goode lives by the roaring sea of the Scottish Highlands
Mrs Orwell has three dogs,
Mrs Goode has none.
Mrs Orwell likes to train guide dog puppies,
Mrs Goode like to train her partner to fetch (a cup of tea!).
Mrs Orwell likes colours and patterns,
Mrs Goode likes silhouettes and animals. (not spiders-ech!)
Mrs Orwell likes to make sweet things and
Mrs Goode like to eat sweet things.
Mrs Orwell knows about timing belts and tyre changing and
Mrs Goode knows about hydraulics and riveting. (Really they do!)
Mrs Orwell makes a very poor house-wife as she is a slow vac. (She is from Slovakia! She doesn’t laugh at this joke, EVER!)
Mrs Goode enjoys a good Guinness. (Guess where she is from?)
Mrs Orwell speaks funny and
Mrs Goode speaks even funnier.
When Mrs Orwell and Mrs Goode are together, everything is funny!

Together they make beautiful things for living, dining and giving. They like to make the usual a little unusual, make the ordinary, extraordinary! And together they make everything ‘all well and good!'.